Sabtu, 14 Februari 2009

OMG, is it saturday?

Time really flies!no.time just..swwooooooshh and it’s already a week. A week after the last time I updated the blogs too.i can hardly feel a thing.what have I actually done in a week? Wake up at 6.30.go to work.i will normally make my self coffee in the morning.i actually made it hot but until yesterday I don’t really get the chance to have that HOT coffee I made since it already got cold by the time I swallow it.all I got to taste were actually cold coffee.perfect.isnt it?save the ice cubes.thanks to the air-conds.they do not just contaminate the environment but my coffee!huh~ok back to the story.i will just have some kueh at the office for lunch.i don’t really go out for meals *sebenarnye mcD house sangat lah dekat dengan office,oleh kerana saye sedang meboikot so tengok je la mcD house yang kiut tu* I’ll read the newspapers during lunch.and solat.continue struggling with the figures until 6.30 p.m.kadang2 rasa segan jugak nak go out at exactly 6.30 since the others will stay back until at least selalunye saye stay back jugak la.until 6.35 hahahaahahahahahahahahahehe LOL!!emm I just don’t have much options since I’m not driving my own car.arrive home at at least the spaQ.solat the miss no good at 8.30 and that’s it for a day. those are the rountines.i’m actually adjusting myself to these new changes.i will usually feel VERY TIRED after 6.30 or as soon as I reach la before ni takde strict schedule.and that’s why I lurrrrrrrrrvvvveeeee weekends now =D I can do many many many things during weekends contohnye pagi-pagi lagi tadi dah gi nursery ngan mommy to catch some seeds and cactuses.yey.

Good news for the week : ina tak jadi work at shah alam.she turned that offer down.i know why.and I’m happy for it *buat letih je ajar ko UBS aritu na*

Ahad, 8 Februari 2009

aku bukan siapa-siapa

Aku mau skali puaskan hati semua orang.semua pihak
Terutama skali mereka yang dekat dengan aku
Aku mau skali semua orang hepi dengan apa yang aku buat
But there are just times when I think
things are static
for the fact that I’ve done so much to make it better
To make them understand

Mungkin aku yang tak memahami mereka

Atau mungkin

mereka yang tak pernah cuba
meletakkan diri di situasi aku dan memahami kenapa aku berlaku begitu
Makanya sampai satu masa aku rasakan dan katakan

Maaf..aku bukan siapa-siapa

Yang mungkin memuaskan hati semua
Cuma satu yang perlu kamu tau
aku cuma mau bahagia

Sabtu, 7 Februari 2009


I eventually managed to get myself a job to do.yep,currently employed to do audit works.nothing much to say bout it’s just that that S.K Tan is gorgeous! He makes me feel going to the office everyday LOL.i should say thanks to Mr.Kuan for harshly trained me during my internship.5 days at work and I’ve got few praises already..for moving so fast in audit.and it’s a good thing since I’m carrying the face of the uni along with it.but still there are LOADS to learn.but I just don’t think I’ll be staying long there.

my trouble is : i couldn’t find anyone to ACTUALLY befriend with.

remember I have my own definition of friend.and they’re just colleagues not friends.oh yep.forgot to mention.i am the only malay doing audit.the other 7 are Chinese.well don’t get me wrong.they’re nice tho.and helpful too.ask just anything and you’ll get a perfect answer.contohnya,I used to have this problem to understand the 1/3 basis for directors’ retirement on rotation I asked miss Siew Teng about it.masa blajar CSP dulu kalau ada soklan tu for sure aku skip tak jawab.but now u ask me,huns.

Tapi sebenarnya selama 5 hari ke office ni lebih kurang 2/5 time tu aku spend on reminiscing on how good it was to go to class and don’t have to work alone.oh don’t call me immature since I’m still able to be realistic.There are just times when you dream things to be better.mungkin kalau that 7 chineses are replaced with aliya or zack or ina or jade or a'an or pearuz or awien or sue or farrah or arni or sal..things must be ohsogood ~_~

kerjalah lalalalal kerjalah~~ pinggang saye sakit the first day sebab dah lama tak duduk lama-lama camtu.