Isnin, 29 September 2008

every sky has its silver lining

I'd successfully reached home yesterday. thanks to fana for the ride. Huh~~It's always good to be home. The headache and flu was deadly but thank to God it’s got better now after the medication and 16hours-long of sleep *haha* yep, slept at 10pm on the Friday and woke up at 2pm on Saturday. Excuse me friends, I really had a TERRIBLE fever.

So, the first thing I talked about with mommy was about baby fifi. Mommy told me that they don’t wanna be separated or being adopted by anyone. They are 5 in siblings. The eldest is a 12 year-old girl. Hard to believe but the 12 year-young girl wants to take care of her other 3 brothers and a younger sister by her own. I'm not even so certain how is that possible but I bet her mother would be very proud of her if she knows this. I'm just worried that she might be risking her future. She’s so young yet have to bear such responsibilities. it'll be difficult to concentrate on her study and manage her brothers at the same time isn't it? Plus, they are all kids! Thinking of them make me realize how fortunate I am to at least have my mom besides me all the time *semoga tuhan permudahkan perjalanannya*

One full night

Break our fast ramai-ramai at the ashalihin..the food was hell delish! But our mission was that baps!! Actually we were thinking of having one big table or at least combining few tables so that we can eat together in a big circle or whatever shape it is. The point is eating together. Dahla tak kasi kami combine tables tu patu ade ke patut siap sound “have your seat and jangan buat bising” hoh?? Sangat irrelevant untuk duduk makan dengan senyap in a restaurant! Unless we’re eating in a library..only then I think it’s relevant to eat quietly cissh! Ok hush with the baps.

We planned to catch for bowling late at night that day but again the audit assignment and some miscommunication ruined the plan. So we decided to hang out at the mapley for sahur saje. i actually couldn’t taste well due to the flu but really wanted to eat the roti tampal *chees nan yang dibangga-bangga kan budak-budak laki tu tak sedap pun.saye pelik*

24Th September 2008.

We’ll be going back home tomorrow for our Eid break.yey! well,mommy’d ordered me to bake chocolate cake *oh I really mish baking n oh yep..promised alya to bake one for her*. But the route to end this week is..omigawd so tough.the assignment + all the ‘ unwanted unwelcomed’ events that happened in the week huh~~

Skarang rasa sangat nak marah dengan the unwated event sebab cumalah menyemakkan kepala. Kalau boleh avoid that part may be this week will be a little easy .insane! why do I have to get mysef into those kinds of trouble? If only I can foresee things and if only I think a bit serious about it.hish~tapi saye dah anggap semuanya dah settle by now.taknak fikir lagi dah.kepada kawan-kawan saye yang banyak berfikir bersama-same in handling and settling my problem tu..saye nak cakap tengkiu seribu kali.

Presently am still putting my 100% energy,brain,hands and all on the audit assignment and honestly it is very hard to focus since it’s so very near to Eid haha. I think the tiredness gets me this flu and perhaps it'll be a fever soon.

I'm having headache.don't feel like writing now.

SATU yang banyak

Satu ucapan : to aziah, tengkiu for treating us last night ^_^ the hazelnut coffee was good *thumbs up*
Satu fakta : Saya rindu kamu yang di pandan jaya.
Satu harapan : get back home and tell mommy I’m not having chikungunya
Satu pembohongan : fasting gets me slimmer
Satu nasihat : to my friends, mari beraya sakan coz it might be the last Eid to collect angpow =p

Isnin, 22 September 2008

al-fatihah for kak As

21st September 2008
Received a message from mommy right after sahur, it says

“ kak as dah meninggal, mari kita sedekahkan al-fatihah dan yasin”

I will normally take a short nap after sahur before performing my subuh prayer but that message kept me awake. She was one of my mom’s bestfriends. I remember when she used to come to our house late at night just to chat with mommy. She had delivered a baby early this year (she’s much younger than my mom).baby fifi. Very cute baby fifi. Thinking about her make me awfully is she going to live without her mother?omg, now I don’t even dare to think about it. I never thought she’ll leave us this early.

.cant wait to get back home and get to her house to see fifi.

baby fifi yang chumel

baby fifi with her late mother

Sabtu, 20 September 2008

.friends are gifts.

at the billion. the motive was only to buy A file..but it took us about half an hour just to reach the stationery department.

kami without arni at first

tukar position pulak..without aziah and alya this time

alya . sal . aziah

one down

Basically, we’re done with the accounts’ project paper. Yeah, done with the assignment not the weariness. One down, another one to go..Currently working on the audit project paper pulak and still have many to kill after this huhu like the strategic management, the AISes and the corporate finance. The audit will be circulating about the corporate governance, well actually I’d encountered with the issue so many times before. Is an exciting one actually but when we picked the vote saliza dengan segeranya bermonolog dalaman “CG lagi….adeh” well not to say it should be easy but we should already be familiar with the issues by now. Submission will be on this coming again it’s gonna be a tiring week, devoting our good times on audit pulak. After all, the route to the top will never be easy, rite? They say

“ Our path wont be easy, our sail wont be smooth..are you ready?”

I’d once said yes…and now I’m gonna have to deal with it.

Coming up after the Eid break will be tonnes of presentations *gosh!!* at one point I just couldn’t quit thinking of finishing this degree as fast as possible..but thinking of what do I have to do after it finishes make me feel like slowing down the time or even stopping it until I can exactly determine what am I going to do after that.

Just about another 10 days before Eid. I don’t know the progress of my baju raya dah siap ke belum I even don’t know *tapi dah dapat hadiah baju raya dari aziah at the facebook heheee* our Eid break will start on the 26th until the 3rd October 9 days to be precise and it’s gonna be my last Eid to collect duit raya.

Pacik Bahar : This year dah tak dapat duit raya kan?
Sazzyflurry : hei..dapat lagi la
Pacik Bahar : ey kamukan dah join cik adi..mane leh dapat duit raya
Sazzyflurry : Noooooo orang belum abis degree okeh..nak gak
Pacik Bahar : hehe okeh2 bagi account number

huhu bosan la next year dah kena bagi duit raya yang rasa cam nak further masters or ACCA nih..furthering study just to avoid mysef from having to provide angpow,apelah saliza..

Khamis, 18 September 2008

18 hari sudah

it's the 18th day of Ramadhan. Last night way my and pearuz's duty to cook for sahur and like usual we'll owez try to find the simplest menu since i'm such a lousy cook plus we don't want to risk the stocks of food just to show off or pretend lke we're good in cooking. the concept was..something that can be eaten *haha what a lame* very simple and safe i should say.

the fasting gets somehoe easier now..less pain in the stomach perhaps it's adjust after 17 days. it's just that i try to cover 8 glasses of water each day but keep on failing.the most was 5. the result is my lips is all dry and perch requiring me to put the lip balm all day or else it'll gets me pain.

so basically tonight is gonna be our society's dinner.the Bacccsa. we're actualy forced to join..the advisor complained saying that we're boycotting the program.nah,what a conclusion.if it wasn't because of the work load, i gess we'll willingly fill the front spaces in the ball room.had just got the invitation card this morning..blank invitation card which i fill my name on it mysef *haish ade ke patut, kata nak meraikan kitorang but buat invitation card pun improper* honestly i don't know what to put on tonight..kalau ikutkan hati nak je pakai jeans and shirt but i need to respect the guest since this is not just my dinner but ours. ok for now, let's see what's gonna happen tonight.

Rabu, 17 September 2008

Fresher phase

Just as much as I want to leave my painful path of existence. Yep, I should say that I’m moving mysef to a fresher phase of life. haven’t been writing blog for omost..lemme see..9 months. A veryvery long time I should concur. Wasn’t because life was boring but I was so lazy to write plus my writing skill has gotten worse. Like it or not it’s a challenge to put your thoughts into words..i mean readable understandable words. But yeah, as u can see..i’m writing again just so I can trace what I’ve done with my phreaking phrantic life if I feel like it someday in future *ngehee*

well blog wouldn’t be a wholly intellectual piece of historical window and wouldn’t be a whole crap *as u refer it to* tho. So if u’re thinking of reading some intellectual stuff like who first invented the toilet bowl or who first come up with the double entry theory…tell u what buddy,u’re in the wrong space.