Selasa, 20 April 2010

help me pray for the best

ya Allah..sumpah lama gila tak menulis kat blog ni
nak kata tak menulis sebab broadband dah disuruh pulang pada maxis,tak jugak..sebab masa ada broadband tu pun jarang-jarang je tulis kat blog.maybe tenaga dah dihabiskan seharian di office so malam cam dah takde energy nak di consume untuk cipta sentences yang bagus [macam sentences before ni bagus je miahaha] or maybe it's just about time to focus on something else.what crap is this?i focus has been distructed by the facebook.that explains a lot kan?hehe

i actually wanted to delete this account in blogspot but eventually think that why dont i just save it for the future..perhaps there'll be times when this can be a good teraphy to me.yep,i used to write in here as a medium to let out my feelings especially when i was in school lagipun bukanny kena bayar fee pun so,no harm apa kalau i keep this kan?humm

ok now,let's tak about focus.sekarang focus aku hanya tertumpu untuk this coming saturday.walaupun everyday sumpah busy gila kat office,sebenarnya dalam hati & otak dah tak sabar nak tunggu hari rabu sebab khamis & jumaat dah amik cuti utk occasion di hari sabtu.yep, i'm going to end it very soon.if you were to ask me whether i am sure of what i'm doing,i would say YES,i am fact, i already got a few people asking me the same question from the day i made the decision until now.i dont deny that the question will make one hesitate and think la..macam nak beli baju jugak,bila kita dah decide nak beli this one good dress to our eyes,walaupun kita tengok baju tu dah super gojes but once there's someone asking question like 'are you sure you gonna buy this?' mesti dengan secara sepontan or tak langsung mulut macam nak tertanya balik 'what do you think?rasa ok tak baju ni?' padahal before tu dah yakin betul.yaa it's like that.the thing is we always welcome a second opinion but it's just how you judge things and the decision is always at your hand.and how to judge?it'll depends on you observation.

ok lah since it's not yet saturday,i think it's improper to talk too much about it.
let's wait until it's all over..

goodday,friends =)