Sabtu, 29 November 2008

love your heart

Since It has been quite a while since the last entry..there are thousands of things running in my mind now which I think I need to choose which one to write. Among others I think the one which I learned on the most is fun to write. A few things happened that teach me not to trust anyone in the world..just anyone..yet it’s not wrong to give out your trust to some selected persons but just do it moderately so that you know somehow if that person hurts or betrays you..the impact wouldn’t be so massive.

Well basically, I wasn’t the one who was betrayed. It was my friend, but I witnessed it..tried to put myself in her shoes and I felt…ouuccchhh! She was cheated by her very own old schoolmate which incurred a loss of big bunch of money. That was one example when being positive isn’t appropriate. Only if she *or we* wasn’t so positive on that moment, things should be better now. But yah..mourning and regretting things wouldnt help much. Take it from a brighter side, you’ll learn that God is teaching pain no gain. every wound has its story so learn on in well and don’t cause any wound with the same storyline or the hurt will double.

Yah I wasn’t betrayed but I was cheated. Sounds even more pitiful right? Now I don’t want to remember how it hurts in stead I’ll learn well from it. And the lesson was again on trust..just don’t trust anybody even though the ones you thought would be so very far from hurting you. Remember that your judgment can be wrong so play safe.

tracing the footsteps

22 nov o8 (Saturday)

Pearuz and me made a sudden decision to go to the career carnival at the pwtc. The decision was actually made on the Friday, Jade gave me the idea when I accidentally met her at the night market. It took me only a few seconds to make the decision (now u know I’m unpredictable) told mommy bout the idea and she freaked out haha *yela baru je tiba bp pukul 4 tu, tak sampai few hours dah cakap nak g kl pulak* the second person i tried to spread the idea to was pearuz, she agreed to join and so we searched for bus tickets but failed coz it’s already 7+p.m the last ticket was at 11p.m. mommy freaked out again when I rejected her idea to send me haha. kesian pulak tengok dia risau so I agreed.

Met a’an, anis, mas and ita ^_^ was a good thing since we haven’t met for quite a while already. A’an’s getting slimmer than the last time I met her in Melaka yet still normally crazy as usual hehe. Most of the offer at the carnival were good, and I’ll leave ‘em to fate and luck. Went straight away to segamat from kl to get my things at our old rented house. Leaving segamat for good…perhaps. The house was almost empty when I came suddenly send me sorrow. It was full of noise with ‘em around. I couldn’t remember a day without laughter back then.. everything made me happy even though there are times when I cried hard. They made me happy, fill me in. I’d love to stop the time there but yah, this is life we gotta should move forward and not standing still..that’s how we grow.

19 & 20 nov o8

A day after our last exam paper and most of all it was my birdae! Or perhaps I should say the best birdae ever. Got 2 cakes in a day..well frankly I’m not a cake fan but with a cake with your name on or symbolizes you it...makes you wanna eat more than usual. It was pretty emotive actually *I really appreciate that guys!* okay that was one.

Events of the day started at about 0015 I suppose. That was when we enjoyed the first cake. The next event was the bowling-fighting. Guys represented by payat, abong, palem and sonart & the girls representing me myself, pearuz, sal and mard and yeah kami kalah *oh this is unexpected!but unexpected things happen so it’s all right =p* reached home around 4a.m
Went to aliya’s around 12noon to help ‘em on the barbecue preparation. The dishes was quite a lot to name..all were hell delish =) oh yah I even fried my own flesh for ‘em to eat haha basically the preparation end at 8p.m, enjoyed ‘em until 12+ *yah that was when the 2nd cake came out..a huge ‘S’*

the next spot was the McD’s..well actually we planned to go to the fun fair but it was raining so there’ll always be a plan b. enjoyed coffee and some discussions. There were loads of topics being discussed yet THEY still chose a notion which I thought was absurd haha nah I wont name it here. We actually planned for a short chitchatting with coffee together but it turned out to be a McD’s-breakfast-meal-waiting event.. we waited until 4 just to try on the breakfast meal. Something which I think I wouldn’t do with anyone else in the world hummm~