Isnin, 29 Jun 2009

one down baby

27th June 2009.was one of my bestfrens', siha engagement day.

Ahad, 21 Jun 2009

tapi saya bukan tupai

sepandai-pandai tupai melompat
akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga

peribahasa diatas adalah sangat sesuai ditujukan pada diri sendiri disaat ini haha
bengang ah

Jumaat, 19 Jun 2009

the new office

it has been a week plus in the new office

am staying at my aunt's place for the moment and looking for room to be rented and yeppie i found one!so very near to the office i can even walk to the petrol and the parking fees =D huhu. travelling alone is deadly boring [tapi kalau dapat drive kete yang boleh gerak laju contohnya macam nissan latio..sure ok je] so really hope i can move into the house within next week. job is challenging in its own way.and yes friends, i no longer do accounting or auditing work [at least not for now] it's a new thing i'm getting myself into with no regrets. collegues have been so helpful but yep not everyone'll like you so just deal with it.and as for me.if you think you don't like me just buzz off then yes i have this one collegue who doesnt seem to like me.i dont understand why but she will always put that weird face whenever i try to project some ideas.sampai tahap rasa nak lempang je baru puas hati.i was depressed thinking being disliked for the reason that i wasnt quite clear of.but i came to comprehend that it'll be a waste of time putting so much effort to fix that so at the end i decided to just let it be.harap2 soon she'll be ok [mungkin dia jeles.i have so much to think sorry i have to minus you full stop]

nothing much about the picture.just my space in the office.since i have direct contact with customers, one of the challenges i gotta deal with is not to make your sleepy face obvious.and OMG that's so challenging =_=

p/s : terlupa janji poco-poco dengan zack.sorie zack =D

i wish i can fly like the unwanted bee

now i'm so so so into this song by zee avi.feel like singing it alone out loud when the world is turning its back on me.

honey bee by zee avi

i am a honey bee
shunned off from the colony
and the won't let me in
so i left the hive
they took away all my stripes
and broke off both my wings

so i'll find another tree
and make the wind my friend
i'll just sing with the birds
they'll tell me the secrets of the world
but my other honey bee
stuck where he doesnt wanna be
but my darling honey bee
i'll come to save you
even if it means i'll have to face the queen

so i come prepared
my friends say
they would help me get my loved one back
they say it isnt right
to be self-control of your mind
but i choose not to believe that

so we'll meet in the darkness of the night
and i promise i will be there on time
we'll be guided by my new friends, the butterflies
back to our own little hive

oh my other honey bee
no longer stuck where he doesnt wanna be

oh my darling honey bee
i have saved you and
now that you're with me
we can make our own honey

Sabtu, 6 Jun 2009

let the broken glass be

what would happen if we get back together?
they say broken bones bind stronger
could we be stronger?
we'll probably fight and hurt each other again
then get sick of it and go our separate ways
forgetting how much we missed each other
forgetting how much we regreted it