Isnin, 30 Mac 2009


huh~nothing much..i'm just thinking of sharing what i got through the email.GOSH dont u think it's luvly? i think it's so....lady-ish =D kalau aku dapat satu mesti takleh nak lelap mata malam-malam risaukan kete kat luar hoho.kene upah pak guard sorang just to guard the car.

the long-left hobby has return!

it has be boring nights since hidayah (my noisiest younger sister) is not around.she enrolled to a boarding school last week.finally.she finally faces her fear.yep the boarding school is her fear as she'd been so comfortable staying at home for watching tv is boring now since i dont have anyone to hear my critics about the shows we're watching.drinking coffee at night is also boring now since i dont have anyone to scold for she's lazy to make her own.

ok now

hehe that's the movie i plan to watch this coming weekend! i'm dying for it! cant stand hearing the stars people are giving to the movie! *mesti tengok! mesti tengok!* another movie i'm craving for now is the

yep i know LATE! i missed the show in cinema and i eventually forget about it.but now craving for it! i heard that awien bought the original dvd plus the whole novelSS!!! the whole series baby! oh awien..cepat la balik mesia!

p/s : emm memang kecik pun pictures yang i managed to get in about 2 minutes tu.

Rabu, 25 Mac 2009

don't act like you know for the fact that u're clueless

owh yep.a very long need to read more coz that probably explain just everything =)

there are times when you try to act like you know everything without realizing that the action even reveals that you actually completely have no idea over anything.oh that's sangat annoying.

ok drop that.

guess what i saw this afternoon?i saw Tan Say Kang (auditor yang emsem itu) carrying diapers! probably for his sons.oh oh oh yep i know this sent nothing to your emotion..unlike mine *he looks so sweer carrying diapers oh oh*

well,let's do some work talk here.tomorrow's my due date for this lighting house i'm auditing.but yep a week is like an hour to me..please dont expect too much *nasib baik saye masih di consider under training,selamat..* actually i spend too much time looking at the stock the other day.i mean the stock list..analyzing how expensive a bulb can be.that's only the bulbs no need to mention the candlier *camane nak spell ni?* so..i actually worried since tomorrow's the due date and i'm pretty sure that i cannot make it on time.know what i did?i made up questions..some pretty strange questions yet reasonable =D and she eventully say 'it's ok dont rush..u can have your time' yippie! so it works!!!

nota kaki : students dah nak final exams dah.dah nak abis 1 sem.nape rasa life is in monotone now?need to put on some colours.humm~

Ahad, 22 Mac 2009

* the sky *

i love the sky
love the members of the sky
the clouds
the white cottony clouds
the stars
the moon
the sun
and yes the RAINBOW
i simply love looking up to the sky
i wish i'm a bird

the first since the last

sumpah lama gile aku tak update blog nih..

blame my schedule.and the connection too

so basically i'm back to the blogging world..nothing much to write yet.all i can say is i feel alive again after a temporary death *i mean..absence..exaggerate again* feel like i manage to breath after being strangled. huh~ok all i wanna say is..i'm back =) and thanks for reading.