Isnin, 27 Oktober 2008

away a while

Watched the p/s I love you dvd last night. Well actually had partly watched the first 30minutes of the whole movie early this semester but had to hold the rest due to the mounting assignments we had to clear. I’d actually first read the novel *one of my favs. remember of crying like nuts reading it* yes fun to see how they put those words into real moving lives. I think played it perfectly.

finished with the first and second episode of chuck (2nd season) too and waiting for more *to whom this may concern..please..i’m waiting for more!* the ending left my mouth open with the word “noooooooooo” =_=

I know I know..should use this study week for revisions. Tapi tak salah kalau spent just a very small portion of you whole time to do what you feel like doing since forever rite?hehe *I think the word forever is just for an exaggerated version*
Now I have tonnes of piles of papers of facts to dig in and digest luvies..wish me luck!! And I wish you luck too ^_^

Fyi, I’m gonna be away until 18th November which means there’ll be no entry starting on today until the 18th. Miss me luvies!

Nota kaki : am searching for the right direction. Sent me guidance.

as mush as i love the morning sun

Bought myself a sunflower the other day and happy that it’s still alive. I call it a self-soothing. There are times when I feel suddenly ‘down’ for which sometimes I also don’t quite understand why and I’ll need this kinda self-soothing thingy like buying yourself any thing the way you do to soothe a weeping little kid that can someway pull the clump of unwanted feeling away. Odd I know & I AM a weirdo =p yep, my girls think I’m weird that way too. People might think it’s nuts to desperately buy your own self a flower but..leave the erroneous judgment and you’ll be all fine. It’s a fact that almost everyone in the world is judgmental despite the fact that they sometimes deny it. Thus, bothering yourself with the whatever judgment they make will just lift your precious time. Drop it.

okay is over! Assignments are all over yippie! *harap-haraplah over selama-lamanya untuk degree, rasa tak sanggup nak resit any paper* okay, hush with this coz it’s no fun to talk on. The joyful part just happened last week where we successfully held the open house for the batch! *yang tak datang : jijie & yan & cik ki! Rugi sungguh tau* well, the actual plan was to hold it at our house but after a little brainstorming we came up with a decision to do it on the same day with nina & at the same place at nina’s *sebab rumah mereka besar sikit dari kami* I really thank you guys for coming and making it happen.thank you for spending your time and appreciating our efforts ^_^ tengkiu8888888x

the production house

the eater and the maker

the so-called chefs

antara mereka yang terlibat

look at the food huns!


Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

strange stranger

We’ve finally reach the final week of our lecture class for this degree undertaking. the moment that had been long awaited by some of us. Well, frankly speaking am quite a bit confuse of the right feeling to sense now huhu..relieved but not happy, nervous but not scared, contented but not comfortable. What I know for sure rite now is that we’ll be struggling our head off by next week for the final exams.oh yep,congrats to my dearies who are graduating this November! Ina, dolla, yati, zeera, rarai(already in uk), tira. smalam aku tanya HEA dia kata tak yah wat clearance pun takpe weh! But u need to be certain that u don’t owe anything to the uni. For ina yang jarang-jarang sekali pinjam buku dari library tu I think u don’t have to bother of doing the clearance *ngehehe namun begitu ina adalah seorang yang rajin =p*

AIS's presentation should be settled by tomorrow (supposed to be today! we were all prettily dresses up haha but we couldnt proceed due to the time constraint) Another 1 quiz for Accounting Information System and a test for Corporate Finance..and the AIS’s PBLs! Ahh still have quite a number to settle =_= even though merely 5 days left. The work is actually even mounting without us realizing it or perhaps I should say the struggle’ll never end. Done with this one and there’ll be a lot more to kill. Thus sometimes, counting it’d be pointless.

tiba-tiba terasa nak write about ‘stranger’. How do u actually define stranger? *regardless on how the dictionary define it* to me a stranger is someone whom you completely are not familiar with or someone you had never talked to, someone whom you won’t recognize in your whole entire life, someone who could never hurt your feeling no matter what they do.
what if someone u recognize very well act like a stranger to you? is it wrong to totally ignore them just like things never happened? If they are actually your friends that u’d helped a lot, do you have the right to tell them how disappointed u are and how disgusting they look now? Do u think that u need to consider the appropriateness of your act for the fact that they’d been completely offensive? If they apologize, should there be any room for forgiveness?

Sorry to say this but I despise this not really strange stranger.

Rabu, 15 Oktober 2008


Stay by estrella

Sounds straight from the twilight
Has me up all night I can’t
Fall asleep coz I keep thinking of you
And I saw a shadow
Outside my window
And it’s you

all my sorrows flew away
hush keep quiet hear me say
I don’t ever want you to go
Please stay

With the moonlight dancing free
And there’s no one but you and me
There’s no reason to go away
Please stay

Making up a story
It’s the way you’re looking at me
If you think that this is funny
It’s just you

Try and think about it
If your heart is closed don’t lock it
Put your keys back in your pocket
Think this through

My biggest gratitude to jade for lending me the cd. I’d been keeping it for 4 months already *komfem jade cakap aku nak buat harta nih* It’s definitely a good one to listen to and definitely my type! For those who are not aware of estrella, it’s a local band with 4 members. female vocalist (liyana) with a heavenly tone. I love the music so harmony, so good for the ears. Had been longing for this kind of album for so long lalalaa~~


i think i'm having insomnia. i hope it's not contagious. i have this difficulties to sleep lately. was awfully sleepy & dizzy minutes ago. slept for 20 minutes before pearuz called talking about the hl contest winners. yep, as anticipated, we aren't listed *lol* a bit dissapointed here actully. the winner is a 22 year-young man. yep, we were hoping for the RM50,000! Gosh! we even planned of what we're gonna spent the money for. poor thing, i'm gonna hush with this. so, i tried to sleep again and failed, i found it's a struggle, felt so fishy when i have to struggle just to sleep so i woke up.huh~~

lying alone on the bed made me reminiscing on our raya-raya. feeling like uploading few more pictures..(and yes, somebody complained on her picture not being uploaded, so pearuz darling..i upload dah hee)

kami di open house pn. ariyani

persoalannya..kenapa payat ada disitu?

excuse them peps. mereka memang begitu

hehe shaye dan dirinya. mesti pear rase cam peluk teddy bear

saye je tau nape pojie gelak camtu *hishhh*

di rumah payat pulak

walaupun gambar ni agak kabur.saye saje upload semata-mata menunjukkan kepoyoan bel

this is what happen u're full. sume orang tedampar. look! cik ki is throwing up!and palem too!

you can see more in payat's darlings.

Selasa, 14 Oktober 2008

clicking the button

I thought the raya-raya mood has ended last two weeks as soon as I reached segamat but I was totally erroneous, the mood is still around! Received a few open house invitations last weekend (including pearuz’s brother’s engagement) even though it was a bit tiring, all were attended. Perhaps we just don’t wanna miss the moment. perhaps there’ll be no more such time in future so why don’t we spent little time just to make sure we wont look back in regret.

Congrats to abang fariz (pearuz’s brother) for his engagement. Kak ayu looked heavenly beautiful the other day ^_^ and thanks for teaching me handling the slr (I’m dreaming of one now,should start piggybanking! *hehe*) oleh kerana saya baru saje pandai menggunakan the slr, a few slr telah menjadi mangsa (abg fariz’s & payat’s since i don’t own any myself) the basic functions were explained but it’ll take some time to be good at it. Arts is always fun. Get a bit irritated with payat just now since he lied me on his slr price. Well, actually I wasn’t angry of knowing that he cheated me but I was angry for knowing the fact that I need superextra piggybanking *ko memang zalim* but for the time being, to own an slr is so far from my reach. Thus, payat’s is always the medium to expand my proficiency in photography =p

'playing' with it.that's what they call it

during pearuz's bro's engagement. tema baju kaler biru tak sangka kami disuruh bawa hantaran. as a return telah diberi gifts (coklat yang diisi dalam wine glass huhu)

Rabu, 8 Oktober 2008

the exam schedule

Checked on our final examinations schedule (1st draft) yesterday..hopefully the schedule will stick as what it is

2/11 – Strategic Management
6/11 – Corporate Finance
9/11 – Audit
12/11 – Accounting Analysis & Design
16/11 – Financial Accounting Reporting
18/11 – Accounting Information System

Class will end on the 24th October so we’re gonna have about 9 days before the first paper.arghh!

Selasa, 7 Oktober 2008

route to the end

It’s our final part of campus life. Something that we should perfectly spent with meaningful occasions. As it’s the final part, the pressure of getting a job is now circulating the air. Everyone has started talking on job hunting, everyone has started predicting what will happen and start to plan for future, some are planning to embark on the ACCA, some are planning on doing masters. And as for me, yep, plans should be in place but everything should be taken lightly. No pressure, no harm. Yet no proper plan has been made but one thing I know for sure now is that this 17 year-long profession as a student will soon be ended. Yeah I decided to put a stop to it *at least for the moment*. I might be no longer a student but the lesson continues till my last breath of the air.

Life is to be treasured with fun. Always. Just about another 3 months from now that I’ll be treasuring a completely different path of life. The focus will be different, the motivation will be different and the aims have to be reorganized. I was a kinda person who’s freaking afraid of failure, I was scared of falling down, of heartbreak but frankly speaking, after 23 years everything had change. Now I take up failures positively as a motivation. I think it’s how life teaches people and how people should take life as a lesson.

Ahad, 5 Oktober 2008

Eid Mubarak

basically, the Eid break is over now. had just reach segamat after 5 days of holy raya..the 5 days were perfectly spent with jalan-jalan around johor *or the what i called collecting-duit-raya program* like always, raya is an event of the year which is so long to tell. our family will have this konvoi raya around johor. this year with another one little member baby alisya *cik yati's latest baby born*.
done with my raya with the family on friday. saturday was girls raya-raya turn *oh ya..and a guy..asrul* rumah yang jadi magsa this time were awien's, iela's, arman's, noris', rumah besar and finally wanie's. ended at 12 midnight! funny sungguh kami sempat tengok senario muvie yang tak best itu. i wanted to watch the 'kami the movie' but since zack and wanie arent kami's stead of making them tercengang-cengang tengok kami tu we decided to catch on senario *haha sengal memang sengal* done with the senario movie at 9.30 baru kami ke rumah wanie menghantar wanie balik+beraya makan satay hee. with asrul around keadaan jadi gelak-gelak sampai pecah perut.

awien & me

zack & wanie

it was 6p.m when we all realized that the kueh we ate actually did not fill our craving stomach. the bill was on zack. thanks darl!