Isnin, 26 Disember 2011

Ungku Nur Hana Elysa Bt Ungku Shahrin

We've got ourselves a new niece :) jade baru gave birth to a baby girl semalam and tadi i & hubby pergi melawat mereka..they name her as 'Ungku Nur Hana Elysa Bt Ungku Shahrin' i'm actually not quite certain of the spelling but it sounds somehow like that hehe omg it's such a cute name suits the super cute baby.weighted 2.8kg.small but loud :) sama macam mummy dia haha.oh God im sooo superduper happy for them both.semoga Hana akan jadi anak baik,solehah & patuh pada mama & abah dia.

O Allah please bless thus family :)

*how i wish i can upload her picture now*

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